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Please find a list of our Banker Envelopes listed below. For Pocket Envelopes click here.

What are Banker Envelopes ?

Banker Envelopes come in various sizes with the flap on the longer side of the envelope. Our banker envelopes are available in various types and colours. The standard colours are white and manilla. Although we can produce a variety of colours like red, black, cream silver and even gold envelopes. For pocket envelopes click here.

Global Envelopes

Standard Banker Envelopes

These come is white and manilla. and are available in various sizes and types. The popular sizes are C6 (114mm x 162mm) and DL(110mm x 220mm). Other smaller sizes are also made. They are available in self seal, peel & seal, window and full gum.

Global Envelopes

Colour Banker Envelopes

These are great for that special occasion. Available in C6(114mm x 162mm) and DL(110mm x 220mm) which come in red, black, silver, cream & gold and are available in CelloWrapped ® Envelopes in packs of 10 and are full gum.

Global Envelopes

Customised Envelopes

Send us your artwork and print your design on our envelopes. We will ensure you will be more than satisfied with your product. The most popular are DL(110mm x 220mm). Please see some examples here.

Global Envelopes

CelloWrapped ® Envelopes

The first envelope manufacturer to introduce this new type of packaging for envelopes. This packaging keep your envelopes protected. Our CelloWrapped ® envelopes are available in packs of 25 for the standard manilla and white.

Please find a full list of our banker envelopes.

For Pocket Envelopes click here.

Item Code 90 x 152 BOX 500
90WP80          White Plain FullGum 90x152
90WPSS          White Plain Self-Seal
90WPSC White Plain Self-Seal CelloWrapped (25's)
90WW80          White Window FullGum
90WWSS          White Window Self-Seal
90MP80          Manilla Plain FullGum 90x152 manilla
90MPSS          Manilla Plain Self-Seal
90MW80          Manilla Window FullGum
90MWSS          Manilla Window Self-Seal
2020WH Twenty20 Snow White BOX 400  
2020BL Twenty20 Sea Blue BOX 400
2020GR Twenty20 Mint Green BOX 400
2020PI Twenty20 Cherry Pink BOX 400
2020YE Twenty20 Canary Yellow BOX 400
2020RA          Twenty20 Rainbow BOX 400
Item Code C6 - 114 x 162 BOX 500
C6WP80          White Plain FullGum
C6WPSS          White Plain Self-Seal
C6WPSC White Plain Self-Seal CelloWrapped (25's)
C6WW80          White Window FullGum
C6WWSS          White Window Self-Seal
C6MP80          Manilla Plain FullGum   Manilla Envelopes
C6MPSS          Manilla Plain Self-Seal
C6MPSC Manilla Plain Self-Seal CelloWrapped (25's)
C6MW80          Manilla Window FullGum
C6MWSS          Manilla Window Self-Seal
C6BLFC Black CelloWrapped (10's) Celowrap Envelopes
C6REFC Red CelloWrapped (10's)
C6CRFC Cream CelloWrapped (10's)
C6GOFC Gold CelloWrapped (10's)
C6SIFC Silver CelloWrapped in (10's)
Item Code DL BANKER - 110 x 220 BOX 500
DLBWP8          White Plain FullGum DL Banker White Envelopes
DLBWPS          White Plain Self-Seal
DLBWPC White Plain Self-Seal CelloWrapped (25's)
DLBWW8          White Window FullGum
DLBWWS          White Window Self-Seal
DLBWWC White Window Self-Seal CelloWrapped (25's)
DLBMP8          Manilla Plain FullGum DL Manilla Envelopes
DLBMPS          Manilla Plain Self-Seal
DLBMPC Manilla Plain Self-Seal CelloWrapped (25's)
DLBMW8          Manilla Window FullGum
DLBMWS          Manilla Window Self-Seal
DLBMWC Manilla Window Self-Seal CelloWrapped (25's)
DLBAIR          Airmail FullGum  
DLBBLC Black CelloWrapped (10's) DL Celowrap Colour Envelopes
DLBREC Red CelloWrapped (10's)
DLBCRC Cream CelloWrapped (10's)
DLBGOC Gold CelloWrapped (10's)
DLBSIC Silver CelloWrapped (10's)
Item Code MAXI DL - 115 x 230  
MAXIWP          White Plain FullGum Maxi DL White Envelopes
MAXIWW          White Window FullGum
Item Code C5 BANKER - 162 x 229 BOX 500
C5BWPL          White FullGum C5 Banker White Envelopes
C5BWW9          White Window FullGum

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