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Please find a list of our Pocket Envelopes listed below. For Banker Envelopes click here.

What are Pocket Envelopes?

Pocket Envelopes come in various sizes with the flap on the shorter side of the envelope. Our pocket envelopes comes in various types and colours. The standard colours are white and manilla. We can produce a variety of colours like red, black, cream silver and even gold envelopes. The same can be done for banker envelopes.

Global Envelopes

Standard Pocket Envelopes

Pocket Evelopes comes in all envelope sizes, it ranges from seedbag(108mm x 60mm) envelopes to large X-RAY envelopes(438mm x 362mm)

Global Envelopes

Wage Envelopes

Wage Envelopes are available in two types. These are printed wage envelopes & plain wage envelopes and are available in one size only - 152mm x 102mm. They are available in CelloWrapped ® Envelopes in packs of 25 and are self seal.

Global Envelopes

Customised Envelopes

We can print your design on our DL pocket envelope. Send us your design and requirements. We will ensure you will be more than satisfied with your product. See some examples of our satisfied clients.

Global Envelopes

CelloWrapped ® Envelopes

Moving away from paper wraps, we are the first company to introduce CelloWrapped ® envelopes. CelloWrapped ® envelopes keep your envelopes protected and clean and  are available in packs of 25 for the standard manilla and white.

Please find a full list of our Pocket Envelopes.

For Banker Envelopes click here.

Item Code No.4 SEEDBAG  108 x 60 BOX 500
N4WSBG          White FullGum
N4MSBG          Manilla FullGum
Item Code No.58 SEEDBAG 121 x 73
N58WSB          White FullGum
N58MSB          Manilla FullGum
Item Code No.6 SEEDBAG 137 x 80
N6WSBG          White FullGum
N6MSBG          Manilla FullGum
Item Code WAGE - 152 x 102 BOX 500
WAGEPL          Plain Self-Seal
WAGPLC Plain Self-Seal CelloWrapped (25's)
WAGEPR          Printed Self-Seal
WAGPRC Printed Self-Seal CelloWrapped (25's)
Item Code DL POCKET - 220 x 110 BOX 500
DLPWP9          White Plain FullGum
DLPWPS          White Plain Self-Seal
DLPWW8          White Window FullGum
DLPWWS          White Window Self-Seal
DLPMP8          Manilla Plain FullGum
DLPMPS          Manilla Plain Self-Seal
DLPMW8          Manilla Window FullGum
DLPMWS          Manilla Window Self-Seal
Item Code C5 POCKET - 229 x 162 BOX 500
C5WP90          White FullGum
C5WPSS          White Self-Seal
C5PWPP White peel+seal
C5WPSC White Self-Seal CelloWrapped 25's
C5PWWP White Window peel+seal
C5MP80          Manilla FullGum
C5MPSS          Manilla Self-Seal
C5PMPP Manilla peel+seal
C5MPSC Manilla Self-Seal CelloWrapped 25's
Item Code B5 - 250 x 176 BOX 500
B5WP90          White FullGum
B5WPSS          White Self-Seal
B5MP80          Manilla FullGum
B5MPSS          Manilla Self-Seal
Item Code C4 - 324 x 229 BOX 250
C4WP90          White FullGum
C4WPSS          White Self-Seal
C4WPPS White peel+seal
C4WPSC White Self-Seal CelloWrapped (25's)
C4WW90          White Window FullGum
C4WWPS White Window peel+seal
C4MP90          Manilla FullGum
C4MPSS          Manilla Self-Seal
C4MPPS Manilla peel+seal
C4MPSC Manilla Self-Seal CelloWrapped (25's)
Item Code B4 - 353 x 250 BOX 250
B4WP90          White FullGum
B4WPSS          White Self-Seal
B4WPPS White peel+seal
B4MP90          Manilla FullGum
B4MPSS          Manilla Self-Seal
B4MPPS Manilla peel+seal
B4MINT          Internal Mail FullGum
Item Code Maxi B4 - 381 x 254 BOX 250
B4MAXW      White FullGum
B4MAXM      Manilla FullGum
Item Code B6/C4 - 324 x 125 BOX 250
B6C4MP Manilla FullGum
Item Code E4 -  400 x  280 BOX 250
E4WP90          White FullGum
E4MP90          Manilla FullGum
Item Code MAXI E4 - 406 x 305 BOX 250
X16WHI          White FullGum
X16MAN          Kraft FullGum
Item Code C3 -  458 x 324 BOX 250
XC3WHI          White FullGum
XC3WPS White peel+seal
XC3MAN          Kraft FullGum
XC3MPS Kraft peel+seal
Item Code X-RAY  BOX 250
XRYMAN          Large X-Ray Kraft NoGum 438 x 362
XRZMAN          Small X-Ray Kraft NoGum 311 x 260
XRYWHI Large X-Ray White NoGum 438 x 362 xray
XRYWHI Large X-Ray White NoGum 438 x 362                              xray
XRCWHI C4 X-Ray White NoGum 324 x229  xray
Item Code CD  Sleeve - 125 x 125 BOX 500
CDWALL          CD Sleeve NoGum 

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