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About Global Envelopes

About Global Envelopes

Global Envelopes, established in 1981, manufactures and prints all types of envelopes, which are supplied to stationers, printers, mailing companies, government departments and corporate businesses.

Global Envelopes is a certified B-BBEE Status Level One Contributor

The members are aware of the gender imbalance in the industry and are working towards the promotion of women within the company. The transfer of skills to Previously Disadvantaged Individuals, who make up over 90% of the employees, has successfully taken place in the company.

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Our Mission

• Build mutually beneficial, long-term relationships through the quality of products, the reliability of services and business integrity. • Plan strategically and enable us to market our product throughout the country. • Be recognised as a responsible, profitable organisation committed to providing quality products at keenest prices, encompassing mutual honesty, integrity and trust. • Exemplify the highest standards of ethical business conduct and encourage discussion on the ethical and legal implications of business decisions. • Have a strong relationship with our customers, suppliers and other business partners who help us provide the high quality, high value products consumers’ demand.

Our Vision

• Nurture a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence. • Attract and retain a highly skilled and motivated workforce. • Maintain the highest quality and standards of our company’s products. • Provide our customers with the best services and exact requirements and best possible prices. • Given the opportunity of fair trade we will in turn grow to the extent that more job opportunities will be created by us, thereby offering equal development for the disadvantaged and unemployed. • To be the envelope manufacturer of choice and excellence in South Africa by providing a world class service to our clients.  

Our Values - Why Choose GLobal Envelopes?

• Recognise and respect the communities where we operate as hosts and partners, in meeting the environmental socioeconomic challenges of sustainable development. • Our business operations will be of the highest level of honesty and integrity, and demonstrate transparency to our customers, suppliers and employees. • We will continuously find means to improve costs, quality and customer intimacy. • Employee’s performance, innovation and talent will be recognised and regarded. • For employees’ to work in an environment that is free from hostility, intimidation and harassment.

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