• CelloWrapped ® Envelopes the first envelope manufacturer to introduce this new type of packaging for envelopes

  • X-Ray manufacturers of all small and large xray envelopes. These come in printed and plain, white and manilla

  • Branded Envelopes the only envelope manufacturer that brands your logo on our products

  • Printed Envelopes brand your envelopes with your own unique design

  • Standard Envelopes manufacturers of all sizes, types and colours of envelopes. We mare anufacturers of all types of envelopes including Xray envelopes, cellowrapped envelopes, seedbags envelopes, banker envelopes and pocket envelopes.

Global Envelopes

Manufacturers of all types of envelopes including X-Ray envelopes, cellowrapped envelopes, seedbag envelopes, banker envelopes and pocket envelopes for stationers, printers, mailing companies, government departments and corporate businesses.

Banker Envelopes

Banker Envelopes come in various sizes with the flap on the longer side of the envelope.

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Pocket Envelopes

Pocket Envelopes come in various sizes with the flap on the shorter side of the envelope.

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Custom Printed Envelopes

Send us your artwork and we will print the envelope with your design. See some our clients envelopes.

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Branded Envelopes

Provide your logo and we will brand the product as your own. The only envelope manufacturer to offer this service.

More Envelopes
Peel and Seal Envelopes

Peel and Seal Envelopes

Quick and Fast - Just peel the adhesive sticker and seal the envelope.

Self Seal Envelopes

Self Seal Envelopes

With these envelopes you just close the envelope and it seals

Full Gum Envelopes

Full Gum Envelopes

These envelopes require moistening the gum and then sealing the envelope.

Window Envelopes

Window Envelopes

Windows can be made for various sizes and types of envelopes.


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